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Profile - Dr. Rolf Scheuermann


2000 - 2005: Studies in Buddhist Philosophy and Tibetan language, Karmapa International Buddhist Institute, New Delhi – Diploma (K.I.B.I.)

2005 - 2010: Tibetan and Buddhist Studies (major), and Indology (minor), University of Vienna – Mag. phil.

2010 - 2016: Doctoral studies of Philosophy in the Humanities (Tibetan and Buddhist Studies), University of Vienna

Professional Experience

Since 2005: Tibetan interpreter for Buddhist scholars of different  traditions

2011-2014: PhD research fellow in the Doctoral College  “Cultural Transfers and Cross-Contacts in the Himalayan Borderlands”, University of Vienna

Since 2011: Lecturer at the International Institute for Tibetan and Asian Studies, Vélez-Màlaga

→ Interpreting Tibetan Lectures 1

→ Interpreting Tibetan Lectures 2

→ Introduction to Tibetan and Buddhist Studies

Since 2012: Translator for 84000 - Translating the Words of the Buddha

Since 2012: Lecturer at the Department of South Asian, Tibetan and Buddhist Studies, University of Vienna

→ Theory and Methodologies of Tibetan and Buddhist Studies

→ The Progressive Path to Awakening in Tibetan Buddhism

→ Introduction to the Tibetan Religious Traditions

Since 2012: Lecturer at the Karmapa International Buddhist Institute, New Delhi

→ Tibetan Listening Comprehension

→ Buddhist Terminology

→ Specialized Subjects

Since 2014: Research Coordination at the IKGF "Fate, Freedom and Prognostication", FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg

4/2017 - 9/2018: visiting postdoc-fellow (substituting the professorship of Central Asian Studies), University of Leipzig

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